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Preparing for the no spend challenge

December 6th, 2018 at 09:07 pm

Christmas gifts are done and dusted here except for one gift I am still finishing off crocheting.

I am in declutter mode atm, my lounge and kitchen are disaster zones and they need sorting and tidying before Christmas, so that is my aim and I will just be putting up my little trees this year on a table as a token so the gifts can still go under them.

Rearranging some furniture in my bedroom atm while I am still waiting until we can get some help cutting the carpet ive got. I got someone in for a quote and he carried on about how it would look shoddy in patches and I just don't care atm, I am currently living with underlay covered with drop sheets and old towels and doona covers and any carpet is going to look better than that! lol

He wanted to charge more for the joins which are really only needing to be placed down, the carpet is renovator rug carpet so can't be stretched and stapled. There will be furniture on the side with the joins anyway so I don't see the problem.
So I will wait again and see if I can get some help from family. In the meantime I need more function in there until that time comes.

I am thinking more on my goals for next year and how I am going to be able to achieve them. Budgeting will be tight, but there will be a little wiggle room with the extra work income however, that needs to be adding to my budget categories so it won't go far.

I was pretty spendy for November, but I am back on track now and I only have a few small things I need to buy to get us off to a good start come the start of the no spend challenge and I will be doing $21 challenge weeks for the next 6 or so weeks and use the mountains of stocks we have here. I have been stockpiling for probably 15 months, so plenty to use up.

I will continue to declutter into the new year and try and get more stuff out of my house so I have more room for the things I need and want to keep and get the unimportant stuff out of the way.

I am looking forward to getting my house sorted the way it needs to be, excited and scared for the no spend year. I know I can achieve lots, but it will be a long year if I keep thinking I am going to have to say no to things, so I might note anything I really want in my notebook and see if there is a way I can buy it with my allowance, if there isn't it can sit on the list until I either change my mind or until July when I will have a few hundred $$ spare for whatever we need.

Wish me luck! I will be back before Christmas hopefully with an update.