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Introductions and all that

November 12th, 2018 at 07:57 pm

Hi, decided to start a new blog instead of forever updating the old one (Miss frugal chatterbox).

I am hoping to be much more active here, as long as peeps are happy to read about my frugal ramblings and my journey to paying down my mortgage little bit by little bit (boring I know, but I am motivated to have a big year next year).

I am having a no spend 2019, which I will list in my Info at a later stage.

I am coming up with my rules now, and I bought myself a charming little hallmark notebook for 50c today from an op shop (thrift store) to also help me document my no spend journey instead of using a diary which I rarely stick to using, lol.

I also bought 6 novels for about $3.50 and have decided to wrap them up for under the Christmas tree as a gift to myself so I can have some guilt free reading for my no spend year.

Also considering doing the same with some yarn that's on sale at Bendigo Woollen Mills atm (cotton), and wrapping for the tree, as I only ever buy it when it's on sale once a year and I am considering a self imposed wool and fabric ban as part of my no spend year next year. I figure I have more than enough to get me through a few years so I won't feel deprived.

I will still try and post a couple of times a week until the new year and then hoping to ramp things up a bit after the new year to help keep me motivated with like minded people.

2019 is the year of Miss Chatty!